IAM uddeler stor anerkendelse til Plougmann Vingtofts eksperter

Hvert år offentliggør IAM deres guide, IAM Patent 1000, over verdens førende eksperter inden for IP-rådgivning, og igen er Plougmann Vingtofts patentrådgivere at finde blandt de absolut bedste. Således bliver otte af vores eksperter fremhævet for deres ekspertise, samtidig med at Plougmann Vingtoft endnu engang opnår en flot topplacering.   

IAM Patent 1000 patentguide anses som en af de mest betydningsfulde guides over de førende eksperter inden for patentrådgivning. Grundlaget for guiden er en omfattende undersøgelse, der strækker sig over lang tid og inkluderer dybdegående interviews med forskellige specialister, fagfolk og kunder fra hele verden.     

Plougmann Vingtoft fastholder igen i år en flot topplacering i ’guld’-kategorien for ’patent prosecution’ og får følgende roser med på vejen fra IAM:

Plougmann Vingtoft is the go-to in Denmark for complex patent work.” (…) “Efficient, proactive and well versed in utilising patent strategies to achieve the best outcomes, its practitioners boast a brilliant understanding of their clients’ businesses, making them a trusted partner in the industry.” Beyond its position in the local market, the firm continues to extend its services to patrons across the United States and Asia.

IAM Patent 1000

Otte eksperter høster stor anerkendelse

Hvert år fremhæver IAM Patent 1000 også individuelle eksperter fra hver deres fagområde, og otte af Plougmann Vingtofts patentrådgivere bliver fremhævet som enten ’highly recommended’ eller ’recommended individuals’ i den nye guide. IAM udtrykker følgende om de otte eksperter:

Heading up the food, agriculture and chemistry team, “Katja Sørensen demonstrates professionalism and understanding. Seamlessly navigating complex patent application rules and deadlines, she provides just the right amount of information on patent status, avoiding overload or scarcity. To eliminate any ambiguity about the invention’s content in the application, Katja prepares detailed explanations for the patent attorney, based on a first opinion report.

Leading the SPC filing and prosecution team, Jan Mondrup Pedersen boasts proficiency across Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and German. Actively involved in opposition and appeal procedures at the EPO, he also offers robust litigation support and carries out freedom-to-operate (FTO) analyses.

Easy to work with, Matteo Biancardo brings a panoramic outlook on each case. Throughout each phase he presents clientele with all the opportunities, and provides transparent advice to help them make informed decisions. He is a practitioner of choice for those seeking to maximise the value of their rights.

Anette Hegner’s in-house and private practice experience, coupled with great business acumen, proves instrumental when formulating and implementing creative strategies. 

Operating out of Copenhagen, Per Jørgen Nygreen is a favoured choice among the fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and mechanics sectors. Proficient in Danish, English, Swedish and Norwegian, he utilises a great commercial mentality to devise strategies, carry out evaluations and draft patent applications.

From his base in Aarhus Peter Sørensen brings a wealth of experience in the field of mechanics and electronics. His patrons belong to wide range of sectors, from optics, to nanotechnology, to computer-implemented inventions. Particularly skilled in handling post-grant-related assignments, he handles FTO assessments as well as opposition matters.

By his side, electrical engineer Michael Friis Sørensen “streamlines fruitful collaborations with inventors and has built long-lasting relationships with them. Pragmatic and proactive, he effectively oversees the pre-screening, drafting and filing stages.”

On the molecular biology side, “Jakob Schwalbe Lohmann has proven to be valuable asset for new patent applications, FTO analyses, searches and opposition proceedings”.

Stort tillykke til de anbefalede eksperter.

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